A few days ago, my husband and I had a three-hour trip home. I was driving; which I have to admit always takes a few years off his life. He wears is Captain Safety badge proudly.
I quickly realized that this was going to be a strenuous drive home. I couldn’t see anything. The fog was so thick and prevalent, that most of the ride home I nothing ahead of me except the red glow of brakes.
It was painful. It was painful for me who was driving, and for my husband who wished I wasn’t driving.
At one point the grey overcame everything. I knew there was a truck in front of me; a semi. The rainwater he threw on my windshield was proof enough of his existence. Other than that, I saw nothing. My wipers were overpowered by the weather. I couldn’t see the other side of the highway, had no view behind me, couldn’t acknowledge exit signs until we were right on top of them, and felt completely at a loss for knowing what laid ahead.
“Am I not supposed to be able to see anything?”
“No you’re not.”
I’ll admit, it isn’t what I wanted to hear.
Something we do all the time; plow full speed ahead. Step on the gas. Lean into it. It’s going to be difficult, so we might as just plow right through it. No one likes things when they hurt so let’s get it over with. Right?
But I think I realized something we could all use from time to time.
During this part of the journey, this is the speed we are supposed to be going. And we’re not supposed to be able to see out in front. Instead we need to follow the lines that have been drawn out for us. Stay on this highway until we are told to get off. Trust the fog. It’s there for a reason.
During the times in our lives where we are all hopeful for a break in the weather, sometimes we just need to tap on the breaks, take a deep breath, relax in the pace, and enjoy the ride. Give our anxiety ridden passengers some relief.
Give ourselves some relief.
Maybe the trucks are paving the way. Warning signs that we always need to be alerted to. They go before us and let us know, if we pay careful attention, when the road bends, the need for caution ahead and the need to slow down.
Maybe the destination is closer then we think. Maybe we are still getting ready to be ready. Maybe we will one day understand why the fog was so dense, but maybe we won’t.
Maybe we shouldn’t be living full speed ahead.
Maybe we need to learn to be content. Not always yearning for the next thing. Maybe this is a time in life to tap the breaks, learn a lesson, enjoy the music, and settle in the moment. Maybe we need to slow down so we don’t end up accordion style on the highway.
Pile ups can be avoided when the drivers are aware of their surroundings.
We are entering a season of chaos. Whether that is the holiday season for you, stuff at work, health complications, crazy behavior from your kids, or intense family expectations. Maybe there is something in your life that requires patience you simply don’t want to give.
What are missing out on because you’re stepping on the gas? What are you risking because you are driving full speed ahead? The unknowns are there for a reason. Maybe they are telling you to slow down, and take some direction.
Trust the Creator of the fog. Trust the one whispering to your heart. Listen closely; and maybe, tap on the breaks.