I speak to anyone who craves lighthearted honesty while on a journey with Jesus. I bring a little wisdom, courage and hope along the way.

Elizabeth’s heart is for her audience to know why they believe what they believe. She encourages each of us to jump in the deep end, trusting God to the fullest. Her desire is each person to fall more in love with Jesus every single day.

Elizabeth seeks to better understand, embrace, and explore the truth of God’s Word. She continues to fall in love with Jesus daily as she learns to swim in his grace, trust in his sovereignty, take refuge in his strength, and find joy in his peace.

The wife of her best friend, and high school sweetheart, Arthur. She enjoys coffee, friends, and deep conversations with lighthearted banter. She makes her home in a gray stone farmhouse in Amish Country and wishes Joanna Gaines would visit.

If you want to learn more about me, here are 7 things you didn’t know…

  • I used to work in Orlando FL for “the big cheese”.
  • My favorite book of the Bible is James, but my favorite author is John.

  • I have an adventurous side, but I married Captain Safety.
  • I absolutely love Star Wars, but don’t mess with the originals!
  • I can cook for 50 people without a thought because a house full of friends is a house full of love.
  • I have 4 pastors in my immediate family. Hopefully they rub off on me.
  • I’ve only ever kissed one boy. I’m still kissing him today.