A few months ago this happened to me. Still learning to  slow down and do this.

 This morning I gave my dog some old pizza. It was like chewing on cardboard the night we got it, so I can’t  imagine what it was like after sitting out a couple of nights. Indiana followed me downstairs cautiously (the steps got steeper as he got older). He didn’t even notice the pizza in his food bowl. He’s still my puppy, but the effects of his age are more obvious every day. Finally, after a few minutes of sniffing, and quite frankly me pointing it out, he found his treat and began to devour it.

Now Indiana is pretty good at eating. Like most dogs – he typically doesn’t chew his “treat” food; he simply inhales it. Two pieces however, was too much for him to swallow in a panic. He ended up in the living room in order to protect the food thats was escaping his jaws.

As I entered with coffee in hand, pleased that he was enjoying himself, he shuddered away from me. Finding new determination he gnawed at the pizza which hardened to the consistency of a 2X4. Seriously, I could have used it as patch work around the house. In my disgust at his behavior and territorialism I scolded him yelling,

 “Calm down! Who do you think gave it to you??”

I was immediately marked. That sounded like something I’ve heard my father say to me. Who gives all good things, who means only for my good and prosperity in Him. That which I hoard in secret and then devour as quickly as possible. Hiding out of his sight, as if he who gave it would take it away. I do this in total disregard for the love that went into the gift and the love of the giver Himself. I rush to please only myself, succeed and prosper for my goals alone.

It’s not as if these blessings happen by chance or that they have anything to do with my abilities, or resources given to me. They are simply a gift. Often I am just as ill-abled to sniff these treasures out. God has to almost literally spoon feed me. I have a thick head when it comes to wisdom.

I would so much rather enjoy these nuggets of treasure in his presence, instead of running into a false privacy and fake protection. Daring to see how quickly I can make something out of them, or benefit from them. So even as I type this – I’m going to put the keyboard down, and pick up the Word. Because I’d really like to see whats in my food bowl today….