I’ve been talking to some people lately about the cost of adoption.

 This time, it was two people at work whose lives have not been intertwined with an adoption story. Or at least it came across that way. They asked the most basic of questions. Questions that even those who aren’t interested or “pro-adoption” want to know.  They knew that I was fundraising, they knew that I had a goal; and they asked me what it was. I told them that the cost of adoption varies greatly based in the country you adopt from, travel expenses, and legal fees.

 I told them our expectation with everything said and done, with our daughter here, home, in our arms, is $50,000.

 Both of them gasped in disgust and surprise. “That’s a lot of money!” I smiled and said, “Yeah it really is.” Trust me, I’ve had moments of feeling totally defeated and overwhelmed by it. But I have had many many more moments of uncanny calm. I know the one who owns the cattle on 1,000 hills. I know he has lead us to this point. I have nothing to fear.

 The conversation turned quickly to what the money was used for, indicating that there must be a “cheaper way for me to get a kid.” Questioning why we would choose to go international, pay these fees, and risk such a great unknown. There are many answers to those questions, which lead to more questions, but what struck them the most was the money.


Later in the week, I couldn’t help but think what an extraordinarily small amount of money that is. $50,000. Wouldn’t any parent pay $50,000 for their child’s health? Wouldn’t any parent work overtime, fundraise, give blood, sacrifice, scrimp and save to bring their child home?

 If something happened to my husband, I wouldn’t blink at $50,000. Nor would I for anyone in my family, or my friends. Because we value life, we don’t consider the cost of care or redemption as a factor when we consider wether a life is worth saving. Rightfully so.

 I went to a financial seminar recently – the speaker asked how many parents would be able to save $15,000 quickly if their child had contracted an illness, cured by a costly medication. Time was of the essence. Life was at stake. Every hand in the room went up, without a moments hesitation.

I know I know you’re thinking she’s not my daughter. You’d be so so wrong.

What makes her mine? Do I need I know her name? Know what she looks like? Hear her laugh? Hold her hand? Kiss her cuts and scraps? Read her a story? She is mine. In my heart. I know she is out there and we love her already. She is wanted. She is loved. She is worth so much more then any amount of money you can type.

It has been one of my largest prayers – that she would know in her heart, in some miraculous and age appropriate way, that she is wanted. She is loved. We are coming. $50,000 or more.

 PS – Our home study fee due the end of this week is $5,500.00. Thanks to all of those who donated at our Meadow Day, bought butter, and gave gifts in kind, we raised $5,501.91. He has called. He is faithful.