Since we choose to host two sisters, my brain has been abuzz on how to make them feel at home. We chose to keep them in the same room for their comfort and let’s face it, the CDs comfort.
Pink. Beds. Storage. Fun. Teenager. Princess. Butterflies. Cramped. Age difference. Budget.
So this is what I’ve been busy doing.
I saw this loft bed at IKEA on an inspirational walk through. I found it for literally half the cost on Craigslist. A friend took the initiative and found a twin size bed frame for nothing. Another friend told me to take her twin mattress from her attic.  One of our kids likes us so much he’s willing to put our furniture together just to be around us; talk about thankFUL.
Yard Sailing…..
Several weeks ago I had a crazy list of things to buy. Random necessities. I genuinely felt overwhelmed with everything the girls needed just to be here. Not only do I not have experience with this stuff – but I had to learn what I needed and then find it. Federal car seat guidelines anyone?? We also needed a bunch of stuff to keep our little home looking good this summer.
May 14th God reminded me he would provide for us, and this stuff is really not up to me – So chill Liz, chill. 
2 massive suitcases, twin sheet sets,a pillow, 2 lamps, 5 games, an oversized Mr. Potato Head, 2 sleeping bags, a massive bouncy ball, a car seat, curtains, 3 pairs of shoes, a wallet, a weed wacker, a hedge trimmer, screen repair it, gardening and yard tools. All in one morning, all for less than $60.00
Not to mention the fact that people who love easily have given towards this project. Our friends, family and Crossover kids have been amazing.
Chill Liz, chill.
Just yesterday things really started to come together. With the help of family and friends, as well as some inspiration from #FixerUpper on Netflix, and a few fabulous finds early Saturday mornings, this house is taking on a new life. We’re sprucing things up. Not only for our benefit, but to try and make a strangers home, feel like their childhood haven.
It’s really fun – and a lot of work. I love them already and this is how I’m showing it. I hope they like it. I hope they love it. I hope that our mysterious ability to make kids feel comfortable in our home will translate to these girls. I hope they can feel how much we love the kids in our lives, and how much we are loved by them. I hope for many things. But more then anything I am hopeful that God is leading the way in all things and He has us in His hands.
And geez, I hope they like us.