So I had spent time with God. Something I had been missing the past few days.

 I had coffee perfectly brewed and waiting for me. I sat down to work, paper work threatening but my motivation towering beyond it. And the dog had to go out. He started his prancing, his pacing and is rather annoying talking. (Huskies talk they don’t bark; seriously)

 Being the mature person that I am, I only yelled at him once. Then realizing we would all be better off if I dealt with him now, I slipped on my shoes.

 My front  door swung wide in my determination, but as I looked up I stopped in my tracks. Indiana didn’t seem to notice, but the view was breath taking. The morning was warm, but foggy. it was quiet. Golden beams through distant trees pierced the silence and broke the mist just past the stream.

 I breathed deep as if to hold the moment in time.

 I wasn’t expecting it, which made it more beautiful. Too many mornings I leave for work in the darkness. The deep blue holds a chill, a literal antagonist to the warmth of my recent bed. This morning was a surprising delight.

I glanced at my dog, affirmed my footing and looked again, but the moment had passed. The clouds covered the sun, the trees had lost their spotlight and the fog felt still without rays to highlight its billows. It was there – for a moment. That moment was worth getting up for.

 How much more do we miss the moments of beauty in this life, because we cant find our shoes, and don’t want to leave the comfort? Creation is spectacular. Yet nothing compares to the moments we can share as fellow souls encouraging, helping and loving each other.

What do we miss out on because we cant see past ourselves?

What beams of joy do we turn our backs on because we are unwilling to serve?

These were questions i asked myself after experienceing this beauty.

I wanted more, and I knew I wold find it the next time I smiled at a hurting teen, hugged a squirming toddler or cried with a friend.

 Lord, allow  me to see those moments, and to act on them and to be a part of your creation that is Insatiably Beautiful.